Improve and automate your business processes.

A study by McKinsey reveals that companies that utilize AI to automate and optimize processes can achieve a productivity increase of 10-20%. According to Deloitte, companies implementing AI can achieve cost savings of 20-30%.

Improve your decisions

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, 72% of CEOs believe that AI will provide their company with a future competitive advantage through more accurate planning and better decision support.

Enhance your customer experience.

By leveraging personalized recommendations, chatbots, and other AI-powered assistants, companies can increase their revenues, optimize contribution margins, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen customer loyalty.


face the following challenges:

  • Missed opportunities: Companies without an AI strategy run the risk of missing out on opportunities for process optimization, cost reduction, and exploring new revenue streams.

  • Competitive disadvantages: If competitors are already leveraging AI, a company without an AI strategy can fall behind as it may not be able to adapt quickly and effectively to market changes.

  • Optimal data utilization: Data is the fuel of the future. Without efficient data management and analysis, companies miss out on the opportunity to extract valuable insights from their data and leverage it for informed decision-making. This can lead to a significant competitive disadvantage.

  • A digitalization strategy without AI means that a company is not harnessing the full potential of its data, resulting in inefficient processes and an inability to meet increasing customer demands. As a result, the company becomes less competitive in the market.


An AI strategy allows you to fully harness the potential of AI technology and optimize your business processes.

With over 25 years of experience and expertise in AI strategy consulting, as well as a track record of successfully implementing over 100 use cases, we are your long-term strategic partner.

We will work with you to develop a tailored and sustainable AI strategy that is specifically aligned with your requirements and goals. Our approach ensures that the strategy is both easy to implement and effective in achieving desired outcomes.

Your partner for your AI STRATEGY


AI Methodology: Considering all strategic core elements of an AI strategy

1. Data

2. Use Cases

3. Infrastructure

4. Organization

5. Team & Skills

6. Governance

The 6 core elements of an AI strategy


AI Strategy: Clear approach with AI Strategy Canvas and a precise, understandable, and actionable AI strategy for your company


AI Life Cycle: Support in project management, implementation, operation, and continuous improvement of your AI projects

Our AI strategy packages

AI Education Workshop

Expand your knowledge of AI at a business level and learn practical application possibilities and proven best practices to make informed business decisions.

360° AI Company CHECK

We thoroughly assess your company to identify AI potential at all levels. Together, we identify the appropriate AI use cases and application areas with a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).


Benefit from a customized AI strategy and a clear roadmap for implementing AI in your company. Utilize our proven AI Strategy Canvas to successfully achieve your goals.

AI Use Case Workshop 
& Data Audit

Whether you already have a specific use case or want to plan an idea in detail, our workshop will help you collaboratively develop an effective implementation strategy. It includes a data audit and all the necessary steps to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Unleash your undiscovered potential.

Let's explore together how you can benefit from an AI strategy.