Increase the quality and accuracy of your planning and forecasts

The use of artificial intelligence enables more accurate forecasts and the recognition of patterns and the inclusion of external data.

Create forecasts faster, automatically and with less effort

In addition to the (partially) automated creation of forecasts, predictive planning also includes better support for analyzes and data preparation.

Improve your decisions

Increase your efficiency through greater automation and thus faster delivery of information for a better business management. 


  • The planning and forecasting process is too time-consuming 

  • Only periodic planning and no rolling forecasts

  • How can I recognize trends, seasonalities, structural changes?

  • How can I identify external macroeconomic influencing factors (e.g. interest rates, inflation, labor market, competition, ...) into our forecasts?


  • How do we reduce the subjective assessments in the forecasts?

  • How can we create more accurate forecasts more quickly and automatically?

  • How can we use the forecasts as a basis to improve our resources(inventories, resources, cost and personnel planning, P&L, cash flow,  ...) more accurately and dynamically?

WITH salesmatic .ai

The artificial intelligence of answers these questions and much more with just a few mouse click.

Think of as an intelligent Excel that acts as your planning assistant, leveraging the knowledge of all stakeholders as well as the market. With its enormous computing power, you can simulate all possible scenarios.

This is how artificial intelligence calculates your FORECASTS

1. Upload your data

You upload your historical time series (sales, incoming orders, ...) or connect your system with

2. External data

Based on your data, adds further external data sources, which are possible drivers for your sales (such as industry indices, economic situation, interest level, ... ).

3. Optimal AI models are created

Based on historical sales data and external data, creates individual forecast models for products, product groups, countries, ...

4.  Ready-made forecasts in an intuitive  Dashboard

You get an intuitive dashboard that shows your controlling and management the calculated forecasts. The forecasts can be exported at any time.

5. . Feedback & Integration

By integrating it into your is constantly learning for you. Based on your feedback and other new data, the forecasts become even more accurate. 

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Artificial Intelligence für Planning and Forecasts, that works!





Don‘t leave anything to gut feeling anymore. Objective data speak for themselves. 


AI supports your sales and controlling in better and automated planning.

Control and Optimization 

With accurate forecasts, your planning is automatically better. Your resources are optimized.

Competitive advantage

You are able to react faster to changes and act more effectively than your competitors.


need because

  • create more accurate forecasts

  • for fully or partially automated forecasts, default values as well as ranges e.g. for checking plan data with or without additional influencing factors 

  •    perform simulations

  • and with different assumptions and drivers calculate and compare relevant scenarios

  •  Improve analyses    

  • through well-founded possibilities to find influencing factors, clusters and outliers, e.g. through Automated Insights and Augmented Analytics

  •  Improve data preparation and data quality 

  • with smart functions for cleansing, transformation, modeling of data


needs because

  • Decision support 

  • Early detection and prediction of events

  • Speed

  • You can create more frequent, shorter-term, and rolling forecasts. Manage your business with scenarios

  • Make better decisions with flexible scenarios.

  • Treffen Sie bessere Entscheidungen mit flexiblen Szenarien.

  • Increased efficiency throughout the supply chain

  • helps optimize sales forecasts from demand-driven workforce and material requirements planning to production to warehouse and transport capacity planning. 

  • Better understanding of influencing factors

  • not only delivers more accurate forecasts, but also helps to uncover the influencing factors that have an impact on the forecasts and to what extent

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