Increase your sales through an intuitive purchasing process

Your customers are supported and accompanied in the buying process on your homepage, in the store or offline. Your customers receive customized and personalized offers or suggestions                                 

Increase your customer loyalty by targeting the needs of your customers

Your customers are guided through the buying process in multiple steps by questions and answers to make better buying decisions. This leads to a better conversion rate and higher customer satisfaction

Increase your sales through crossand upselling

Numerous studies show that cross-selling and upselling tools such as are an effective way to increase sales and customer loyalty.


  • Your customers are left alone on your homepage or in your store to search and select products independently through the website without anyone helping or advising them

  • Your website visitors don‘t get personalized recommendations based on other customers‘ buying patterns or past purchases.

  • You can do less targeted advertising and marketing to make your customers aware of specific product

  • Overall, without Guided Selling, your e-commerce is less customer-focused and less effective, as your visitors may be frustrated if they don‘t find the right product or enough information about the product to make a good decision

WITH salesmatic .ai

The artificial intelligence of is your Guided Selling Assistant for your homepage, your store or as an app for your sales department. accompanies your customers in the shopping process and provides them with personalized and tailored offers and suggestions that lead to a more intuitive shopping experience.

How Artificial Intelligence Supports Your GUIDED SELLING

1. User Interface Design 

If not yet available, we will work with you to create a user interface for your recommendation process. 

2. Creating the optimal AI Model

The user interface is connected to to 

extract all available data. From this data, an AI model

is generated to display the optimal suggestions for your users.

3. Enriching data

By integrating internal and external data, we further increase the accuracy of your recommendations. 

4. Cold Start Phase 

The cold start phase of a recommender engine is the start phase in which there is not enough user data for qualitative suggestions. This can be avoided by manually creating some user sessions (100-800 depending on the project).

5. Produktivsystem & Insights Dashboard

Our Recommender Engine uses all available user data from the current session to display optimal suggestions for your users. Additionally, you get detailed insights on user behavior, such as conversion rates, abandonment rates and why, profiling data, ...

6. Continuous learning

With each additional user, the system learns and improves its suggestions.

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Artificial Intelligence for Guided Selling, that works!




More knowledge about your customers 

Artificial intelligence finds the patterns and 

profiles of your web data the patterns and profiles of your customers

Valuable insights

You receive detailed insights into user such as conversion rates, abandonment rates,

profiling analyses, ...

Improve customer loyalty 

Through personalised and targeted advice,

you can build a better relationship with your customers.

Competitive advantage 

Your store is more customer-friendly than that of your competitors.


needs because

  • Better personalization

  • enables you to create a customized experience for each customer.

  •  Shorten the purchase decision

  • By providing targeted advice and recommendations, can help shorten your visitors‘ buying decisions. shorten. Customers don‘t have to navigate through a multitude of products themselves and can make a faster and easier make a decision

  •  Improved sales experience    

  • With better advice and personalization, customers can have a better experience on the website. They feel better understood and 

    supported, which can lead to a more positive perception of the company.

  • Increased sales

  • helps increase your sales because customers are more likely to buy products that are tailored to their specific needs 

    and recommended to them. 

  •  Increase customer loyalty

  • Personalized and targeted advice can make customers feel that the company cares about them and wants to help them. This leads 

    to a stronger bond between customer and company, which in turn increases customer loyalty. 

Unleash your undiscovered potential. 

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