+ 10 %

Conversion rates

+ 5 %

Higher contribution margins

3 x

More time savings

- 100 %

Less gut feeling in decision making

Increase your 
conversion rates

Efficient opportunity management is the evaluation of sales opportunities based on data and experience. salesamtic.ai helps sales to know which opportunities they should focus on and why.  

Increase your
contribution margins

According to a study by Simon-Kucher, sales staff almost always give the maximum discount. Optimize your contribution margins by calculating the optimal discount / markup for each customer and each offer.

Create more time
for your customers

A study by McKinsey Sales DNA shows that by using technologies such as salesmatic.ai you gain up to 3 times more time per sales representative. This leaves more time for the important things.

SALES WITHOUT salesmatic.ai

faces the following challenges:
  • Which offers need to be prioritized? 

  • What do I have to do to increase the order probability? 

  • How much discount / markup can I give?   

  • Can I really send my offer like this?  

  • How do I reach my sales target  


faces the following challenges:
  • How do we reduce „gut feeling“ thinking?  

  • How can we continuously implement the contribution margin targets? 

  • If we continue like this, where will the result be?  

  • How do we get CRM to be lived even more?              
    How does CRM deliver immediate benefits?

WITH  salesmatic .ai

The artificial intelligence of salesmatic.ai answers these questions and much more with just one mouse click. 

salesmatic.ai is YOUR virtual sales assistant. With the experience of all salespeople and the speed and learning capabilities of the most powerful computers.

 This way, your company retains years of sales experience.

This is how artificial intelligence finds the best OFFER OPTIMIZATION

1. Upload your data

You upload data from past quotes or connect your ERP, CRM, ... with salesmatic.ai.

2. External Data 

salesmatic.ai extends your data with other external data sources from its comprehensive data warehouse, such as industry indices, economic activity, interest rates, ... This improves accuracy.

3. Optimal AI Model is determined 

salesmatic.ai uses the historical data and its AI algorithms to create theoptimal model.

4. Application &  intuitive Dashboard 

You get a fully functional cloud service solution:

  • Daily updated scores for each offer

  • Optimal pricing for each offer

  •  Identification of the most important influencing     factors

5. Feedback & Integration 

By integrating salesmatic.ai into your salesprocess you benefit twice. salesmatic.ai is constantly learning for you. Based on your feedback and and further offers, the proposals are getting better and better. 

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Artificial Intelligence
for Sales, that works !





Don‘t leave anything to gut feeling anymore. Objective data speak for themselves. 


AI supports your sales department immediately in important decisions such as discounting.


With accurate forecasts, your planning is automatically better.


Your sales staff gains valuable knowledgeto achieve higher closing rates.


need salesmatic.ai because

  • Attractive employer with an innovative reputation.

  • Your sales team is and remains motivated, as you are perfectly equipped for the future of sales.

  • Happy Sales 

  • You achieve your goals faster and more sustainably than ever before.

  • Secure an advantage   

  • You secure your lead in the competition and emerge stronger into the future.

  • Doing the right thing

  • Your sales team gains time for important core tasks. Resources can be better allocated.

  • Clarity and better forecasts.

  • And that‘s all that counts in sales.


need salesmatic.ai because

  • Simple decision support

  • The best mix of contribution margin and closing probability is automatically calculated.

  • Security  

  • Objective data makes your sales team more confident. This      enables you to achieve your goals better.

  • No more missing out.

  • Your salespeople are uncovering previously undiscovered opportunities and possibilities. 

  • Realistic corporate goals   

  • Artificial intelligence sets more realistic sales goals, which motivates employees even more.

  • Success is plannable  

  • With the support of artificial intelligence, your sales team can constantly learn and discover new potentials to leverage.

Unleash your undiscovered potential ! 

Our salesmatic.ai suite pays for itself in no time. 
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